BR 118 / V 180     4 axle

handmade etched brass model with laser cut 4mm steel chassis  supplemented by 3d printed plastic accessories

available in scale 1:45  and also in 1:43,5

The 6 -axle version will also come by the end of this year

Technical parameters

minimal curve radius   914 mm

max. voltage 17 V DC

4 motor drive

weight of  the model is 2200g

Available in three variants assembly

complete model    (includes sound decoder ZIMO MS 450  with 16bit sound from Mathias Henning)

soldered kit     (functional and assembled chassis, soldered case, no painting, no wiring and no digital decoder)

not soldered kit    (functional and assembled chassis, not soldered case, no painting, no wiring and no digital decoder - I recommend only for very experienced modelers, assembly is demanding!!!)


There are also available three sidewall (windows) variants

variant A

variant B

variant C

Produce ability is only 20 pieces per year, because the method of production is very laborious and slow, there are not models of stock. Each model is made to order only after agreement with the customer on all details. The ordering dates will therefore not be short, thank you in advance for your patience. Yet I believe it pays to wait.

if you are interested in ordering the model, please contact me via email
to watch also videos
production process
layout driving


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